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Chapter 14 Review

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6.In 1942 the code names for the Allied invasion of North Africa
8.In WWII, a pilot who agreed to load his aircraft with bombs and crash it on an enemy ship.
10.General that led the defense of the Philippines island chain.
11.This was the first time Allied forces had stopped the Japanese advance.
14.A dentention site created for military to confine, terrorize, and kill Nazi's.
20.In 1944 the code names for the Allied invasion of mainland Europe in WWII.
21.The killing of an entire race
22.June 6th 1944, first day of the Allied invasion of Normandy in WWII.
23.A tactic in which submarines hunt as a group and attack at night
24.Allied forces began thier attack on mainland Italy from which island?
25.Hitler's regime's plan to murder the entire Jewish population of Europe and Soviet Union.
1.Established by Franklin Roosevelt that helped 20,000 Jews who might fallen into the hands of the Nazi
2.What term describes Hitler's racist attitudes toward Jews?
3.The Night of the Broken Glass; an event that occured on Nov. 9th and 10th 1938.
4.Their resolve to fight to the last man even when defeat was certain.
5.Army Lieutenant Colonel that led a group of 16 American bombers on an air raid to Tokyo.
7.Some 70,000 Americans and Filipino prisoners were forced to march 63 miles.
9.This referred to the bulge in the Allied battle lines created by the German advance
12.A key navel and air battle between Japanese and US forces during WWII.
13.Unit of African American pilots that fought in WWII; first African Americans to receive training as pilots in the US military
15.Which country had the greatest number of concentration camps?
16.The killing of millions of Jews and others by the Nazi's during WWII.
17.German forces in North African were led by?
18.Forced separation by race, sex religion, or ethnicity
19.American Navajos who served in the Marines during WWII, they translated important military messages into coded versions of the the Navajo language.

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