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Unit 8 Vocabulary

Mr. Newell

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1.a measure of how far north or south a place on Earth is from the equator
3.the scientific study of crime and punishment
6.a list of basic human rights that a government must protect
7.a name used in place of a writer's real name
8.to travel completely around something, such as Earth
10.an outbreak of a disease that affects many people within a geographic area
12.an instrument used for measuring temperature
14.an instrument used for measuring changes in the pressure of the atmosphere
16.an economic policy by which nations try to gather as much gold and silver as possible by controlling trade and establishing colonies
18.a country or an area ruled by another country
19.punishment by death; also called the death penalty
20.an agreement in which people give up certain powers in return for the benefits of government
21.an instrument that uses lenses to make small objects appear larger
23.a water route through North America connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
28.the art and science of mapmaking
29.having Earth at the center (Geo is Greek for Earth)
30.an idea or assumption to be tested in an experiment
31.cruel or unjust treatment
32.an economy in which prices are determined by the buying and selling decisions of individuals in the marketplace
34.a form of government in which the monarch's pwoer is limited by a basic set of laws, or constitution
35.belief in reason and logic as the primary source of knowledge
2.the acceptance of different beliefs and customs
3.a small-scale business in which people work mostly at home
4.the path that one heavenly body follows around another
5.a measure of how far east or west a place on Earth is from an imaginary line that runs between the North and South Poles
8.a light sailing ship that is easy to maneuver and can sail in shallow water
9.the amount of matter in an object
11.an increase in the supply of money compared to goods, resulting in higher prices
13.an object that is fired or launched, such as a cannonball
15.the division of powers among separate branches of government
17.having the sun at the center (Helios is Greek for sun)
22.a narrow body of water that connects two seas
24.rights that belong to people by nature, that is, simply because they are human beings
25.rule by a despot, or tyrant
26.a large farm where crops such as sugar, rubber, or tobacco are grown
27.an economic system based on investment of money (capital) for profit
33.facts or information

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