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Photoshop CS6 Revealed, Chapters 1 & 2

Crossword Puzzle

1 2                 3 4
  5 6                  
8                       9   10 11  
      13   14                          
16                                     17    
18   19                                          
20                         21                 22  
    23     24                        
26 27     28                      
30                           31                    
        32   33  
34           35                                    

2.The right of an author or creator of a work to copy, distribute, and modify a thing, idea, or image; a type of intellectual property.
6.condition in which a project seems to have lost its way. (2 Words)
8.A window that displays information about the software you are using. (2 Words)
14.allows you to store multiple versions of your work. (2 Words)
15.Text, or a layer containing text. Each character is measured in points. traditional measurement, one inch is equivalent to 72.27 points.
16.When objects are placed unequally on either side of an imaginary vertical line in the center of the page. (2 Words)
19.License that allows you to keep your copyright, while allowing others to copy and distribute your work under your conditions, without lawyers and expensive fees. (3 Words)
20.The point around which objects on the page are balanced; occurs approximately 3/8ths from the top of the page. (2 Words)
21.Contains tools for frequently used commands. (2 Words)
24.A picture in electronic form. It may be referred to as a file, document, picture, or image. (2 Words)
25.ability to share files with others in a virtual environment. (2 Words)
28.displays all the individual layers within an active image. You can use it to create, delete, merge, copy, or reposition layers. (2 Words)
30.A new, original product that includes content from previously existing work. (2 Words)
31.Used to control the Photoshop environment using your specifications.
34.a section within an image on which objects can be stored and individual effects can be isolated and manipulated without affecting the rest of the image.
35.When objects are placed equally on either side of an imaginary vertical line in the center of the page. (2 Words)
36.Located at the top of the workspace and displays the settings for the active tool. (2 Words)
37.Very small squares that make up an image; each dot in a bitmapped image that represents a color or shade.
38.contains a record of each action performed during a Photoshop session. Up to 1000 levels of Undo are available (20 levels by default). (2 Words)
39.The entire window, from the Application bar at the top of the window, to the status bar at the bottom border of the program window.
40.To merge all visible layers into one layer, named the Background layer, and delete all hidden layers, greatly reducing file size.
1.A blue outline area that indicates where a panel can be moved. (2 Words)
3.how an image looks on specific hardware that has been calibrated and is using a color management system. (2 Words)
4.A feature that lets you temporarily change the active tool by pressing and holding the key that changes to another tool. (3 Words)
5.the order in which the eye understands what it is seeing. (2 Words)
7.lets you connect to Acrobat.com, which is a management feature of the Adobe Creative Suite that can be used to organize your work. (2 Words)
9.Allows a user to make a copy of all or part of a work within specific parameters of usage, even if permission has not been granted. (3 Words)
10.direction an image appears on the page, either portrait or landscape.
11.Floating windows that can be moved and are used to modify objects.
12.an image with the short edge of the paper at the top and bottom. (2 Words)
13.An image or idea that is owned and retained by legal control. (2 Words)
17.an image with the long edge of the paper at the top and bottom. (2 Words)
18.a colorful box (often without shine) placed behind an object that makes the object stand out.
22.A distinctive image used to identify a company, project, or organization.
23.A collection of panels or buttons below a dark gray bar.
26.a separate file that contains metadata and can be applied to other files as a template. (2 Words)
27.Used to manipulate graphic images that can be posted on websites or reproduced by professional printers using full-color processes.
29.three variables, performance, time, and cost, comprise the complexity that exists in any project. (2 Words)
32.The area located at the bottom of the program window (Win) or the work area (Mac) that displays information such as the file size of the active window and a description of the active tool. (2 Words)
33.descriptive standardized information about a file, including information such as the author’s name, copyright, and keywords associated with it.

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