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C. Noé

Basics of genetics. No spaces in between words in phrases.

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1.the phase of mitosis where the nuclear membrane starts to re form
4.describes the chromosome number for a body cell
7.the two alleles must both be the same for this trait to show up
9.a variation of the section of the DNA that codes for the trait
10.when something changes in the DNA and is passed on to the children
12.Austrian monk who was responsible for setting the groundwork for genetics
14.a diagram to trace a trait through generations of the family
16.DNA condenses into this before making a chromosome
17.when two cells are formed
18.type of reproduction that comes from, for example, an potato sprouting a new plant
20.another word for 'sex' cell'
22.structures within the nucleus of the cell that are made of chromatin and proteins
23.another word for children
26.phase in which the cell spends most of its time
29.when two traits combine in the offspring and they blend, such as pink flowers
32.when the parent organism produces a new smaller organism
33.the passage of instructions for development from one generation to another
34.when two sex cells meet they form this
35.resistant structures that organisms form usually dark and round and small
36.another word for 'characteristic'
37.the nucleic acid that comprises our genetic code
38.type of reproduction that requires two sex cells to meet and join
2.the phase of mitosis where the nuclear membrane disappears
3.describes the chromosome number of a gamete
5.the sections of the DNA that determine the traits of an organism
6.the phase of mitosis where the chromosomes line up in themiddle of the cell
8.when the version of the trait masks the other version
11.cell division that has two nuclear divisions resulting in four cells
13.where the genetic information of a eukaryotic cell is found
14.This is used to calculate the probabilites of combinations in the offspring
15.when the parent organism divides exactly in half
17.series of stages in the life of a cell
19.this can also influence the appearance of an organism
21.The _______________ of a pea plant that is Tt is tall.
22.the single part of a chromosome
24.The_________ of someone who cannot roll their tongue is rr
25.the two alleles for a trait are different
27.the two alleles for a trait are the same
28.the phase of mitosis where the duplicated chromatids separate
30.process resonsible for zygote becoming a new organism
31.type of reproduction where there is only one parent

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