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Hollywood Florida Memories


1 2           3   4 5 6 7
    9           10          
11 12                          
      13                   14            
    15 16 17                      
21 22     23     24          
      26     27
29           30              
31       32       33
    34               35 36    
37             38              
39               40
41   42   43           44    
47   48     49          

2.These speed along our main drag
8.Old walking partner who recently had eye surgery
9.Two words that describe the car park (2 Words)
12.They are dirty and we talk about them on our walks every morning
13.We cannot walk our kids there
14.Best dad
17.This animal causes the kids to go barking, two words (2 Words)
18.Two words that describe our main drag (2 Words)
19.Name of the condo at the north end of our walk
20.Our last supper together
22.End of the trail, two words (2 Words)
25.Never wears shorts
26.What happens on every post, leaf, and fence for the whole walk
29.We carry these for pick up
30.Kats avocation
31.You can fish on it, walk down it, watch the ocean and pelicans from it, in Dania
34.Our city by the sea
37.Never stole anything, ever
38.Our ocean
39.Loves table tops
42.Name of the condo building south of Sheridan St
45.We don't see enough of them everyday
46.Noisy inhabitants of the waters edge
47.Wear old shoes to walk in it
49.Everyday attire for Kat and Michael no matter what the temperature
50.Best Girl
1.Meets us to walk every once in awhile
3.Ther is no other place in the world like it
4.Often seen in his morning shower, two words (2 Words)
5.A runner Michael drools over
6.Most popular desert on the beach
7.We see too many of them every day
10.Runs out of pee every time
11.They fall from the trees in the spring instead of fall
12.You could be killed if one of their nuts dropped on your head, two words (2 Words)
15.Eldest leader of the pack
16.The neighbohood we walk in every day, two words (2 Words)
21.Mounds of sand
23.You can hear music here on Mon, Tues and Wed nights
24.Michaels weakness, two words (2 Words)
27.The ocean is too cold to do this in the winter
28.Past walking partner who had leg problems
29.What the kids do when they are fearful
31.The kids want to do this all the time
32.Tasty treat that falls from tropical trees
33.We barely miss it everyday
35.Two words that describe where the kids spend their weekends (2 Words)
36.They lumber along Surf Road morning noon and night
40.They are released into the sea Aug and Sept
41.Sold at every restaurant on the beach
42.We hope for this on every walk
43.You can see her white sox first
44.The best way to control the kids
48.Initials of the park we walk to daily

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