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Advertising Techniques

Mrs Sneeze

The media uses a variety of techniques to convince the consumer to purchase their products and services. You are going to identify those techniques from the descriptions given below.

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5.people shown wearing fashions made from their cloth at a sunny seaside setting where there is a cool breeze
6.GE brags about its appliances being made in America by American workers
12.a tobacco company talks about health and smoking, then shows a cowboy smoking a rugged cigarette after a long day of hard work
16.Buy this makeup and you will be attractive, popular, and happy. (2 Words)
17.infants doing tricks on roller skates and drinking Evian water. (3 Words)
18.a diet product might help you to lose weight the way it helped a movie star to lose weight
19.The popularity of a product is important to many people.
20.kids are encouraged to be the first on their block to have a XBox 360 (2 Words)
1.People dressed in formal wear drinking Maxwell House coffee at an art gallery. (2 Words)
2.a special coating that makes their pain reliever less irritating to the stomach than a competitor`s
3.an ordinary family sitting down to breakfast enjoying Kellogg cereal. (2 Words)
4.a FORD quotes the amount of time it takes their Mustang to get from 0 to 100 k.p.h
7.Wendy's shows their hamburger being grilled and fixed fresh. (2 Words)
8.someone who buys and sells goods, products, and services
9.Buy a burger; get free fries
10.Bayer aspirin claims their ingredients are updated and more powerful.
11.a famous basketball player (Michael Jordan) recommends a particular brand of underwear
13.technique that gives us only part of the picture (2 Words)
14.this car will give you status
15.using media to sell products and services

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