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Physiology of Respiration

Ileana Mendez

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2.defined as one inspiration and one expiration - also known as tidal respiration.
3.number of capacities found within the lung volumes.
5.this manometer measures pressure required to displace the water.
9.kind pressure that is within the alveolus.
11.type of type of inspiration/breathing that will use many of the accessory muscles.
12.allocation of distributed air to capillaries.
14.this is the pressure in the mouth.
16.is the actual movement of air through the respiratory pathway.
18.type of expiration that helps to restore to resting position.
19.The amount of water displaced estimates the air required to displace it, and measures volume.
20.allocation of ventilated air to alveoli.
1.this pressure is identified as the space between the parietal and visceral pleurae.
3.number of stages involved in the process of gas exchange.
4.this is the pressure below the vocal folds.
6.actual gas exchange across the alveolar capillary membrane.
7.during this act or position -> gravity pulls abdomen down (supporting inspiration)
8.Laying down helps -> gravity pulls abdomen toward the spine, viserca spreads toward the thorax (supports expiration).
10.Capitalizes on torque, elasticity and gravity. Also restoring forces generate pressure themselves.
13.what is the driving force behind speech.
15.formula: force divided by area.
17.this type of inspiration uses the diaphragm and often external intercostals.

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