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ID Project

Jen Williams

Ed Psych ID Project

2   3
4               5  
  6             7          
8 9                      
      10 11      
      18               19 20
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25       26    

4.This is my weakest area of intelligence. It involves chess, computer games and how things work
6.(Another area of intelligence) I am member of several clubs/organizations, and I love helping others learn
9._______& language become increasingly interdependent
12.My English class will have a lot of_______because I feel students learn best from socialization
14.Some students might do best acting out scenes from some of the literature because of their _________intelligence
17.Giving my students a Multiple Intelligences Quiz will allow me to show more of this-
18.My Jung Myer Briggs Personality Type is ENFJ (google it!)
21.Being _______will help me allow time for excitement and time to clear up confusion in the classroom
22.I will use these for my Spacial Learners (think visual aid)
23.________students will allow student's to support one another in their learning
25.I love to _____ because of my Strongest area intelligence
26.I will use the ___ chart to help my students organize thoughts of literature & see their own development (hint: # letters)
1.This Theory encourages social activities in the classroom
2.I love stories, jokes & memory games-This is my area of strongest intelligence
3."what do you think would happen if"....Is an example of
5.I will be the fascilitator towards student self motivation
7._________on my own learning experiences will help me better understand the challengs facing students
8.Asking questions will help me_________ each student's learning experience
10.The previous answer will help me to be _____of each studen'ts ...
11.developed a theory based on culture, society &cognition
13.Explanations of the details at work in literature will help guide my students whose strength is this
15.Encouraging journaling and using it as a class assignment will help me learn a lot about students with ________intelligence
16.I predict this type of intelligence will do very well when learning poetrty
19.I want to make the material learning in class _______to the real world
20.positive/ negative reinforcement/removal

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