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Danver Hartop

Here's a puzzle for everyone who loves the Seattle area.

1         2      
3   4 5
8 9                     10
11 12                    
14       15 16     17  
      20             21
  22     23            
24       25          

1.Tech company headquartered in Redmond
6.Halfway to Tacoma
7.Classical concert hall
9.Our Bavarian village
12.Elevated transportation through downtown
14.Seattle's Sound
18.Parade of naked bikers
19.Island getaway
20.Reservation boasting shops and a casino
22.Type of bridges used for the 90 and 520
24.Amphibious Fun
25.Washington's airplane manufacturer
2.What astronauts might use to sew
3.Means of travel from Seattle to Bainbridge
4.Park for kayaking near UW
5.Insects that inhabit the Seattle Science Center
8.Sticky stuff that covers an entire wall
10.Our most majestic peak
11.Museum dedicated to sound and music
13.Famous waterfall
15.The thing to see in Skagit Valley in April
16.Tech company headquartered in Seattle
17.Market where the fish guys are
18.Pass on the 2
21.The lake that was combined with Lake Washington
23.Famous beach

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