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The Rise of the Fascist Dictatorships in Europe

John Hogan

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2.British Prime Minister that gave the Sudetenland to Hitler in return for a promise of peace
4.Japanese emperor before and during WWII
7.The trm applied to banks and arms manufacturers that made vast amounts of money as a result of the First World War (three words)
9.The giving up of principles in order to satisfy an aggressor nation.
10.His name means "man of steel"
11.The agreement that gave a portion of Czechoslovakia to the Germans in return it being Hitler's "last territorial demand" (two words)
12.Policy pursued by the United States in order to avoid being dragged into future wars in Europe or Asia.
14.A bundle of rods tied around an axe handle; symbol of power in Rome
15.German brand of fascism that was based on extreme nationalism
16.The term for the union between Germany and Austria immediately prior to the outbreak of WWII
17.A political philosophy that advocates a strong, centralized, nationalistic government headed by a powerful dictator
19.An agreement between two countries not to go to war with one another (two words)
20.He failed as an artist in Vienna, but rose to be the leader of Germany
1.Leader of the Fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War
3.Name for the group of Americans that volunteered to fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War (three words)
5.Laws passed by the United States Congress in 1935 designed to keep the United States out of any future conflicts by outlawing arms sales or loans to nations at war (two words)
6.For of government that seeks to exert complete control over its citizens
8.The name of the struggle between the fascists and the repubicans that served as a dress rehearsal for WWII (three words)
13.Known as Il Duce, he wanted to lead Italy back to the greatness of Rome
18.Army general that became the head of the Japanese government in the 1930s

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