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Science Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Tanner Hilderhoff

A science vocab crrossword puzzle

1 2
3             4 5   6  
7   8                  
10                 11          
12       13  
14       15  

3.Living system
8.The continuous movement of water
9._______ is a mixture
10._______ is a solution
11.To suck up like a sponge
12.Amount of matter
16.Contains the sun, 8 planets, there moons, and other non steller objects
17.The process of a plant making its own food
18.Speed and motion
19.A place where scientific experements are held
20.A land that absorbs and contains water
1.A push or pull on an object
2.A way of performing somthing
4.Different shapes of the moon shined on by the sun
5.A natural force of attraction
6.Is an object that zooms in on objects too small for the human eye
7.A rock or gem found below or above surface
13.A plant needs _________ to make its own food
14.Anything made of matter
15.A prediction

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