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Digestive System

Priscylla Reyes

Correct Answer = 2 pts

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3   4         5
8       9

1.Folds in the mucous; increase surface area of the small intestine
3.Connects the colon to the anus
6.Absorbs water leaving solid unwanted material behind
7.Stores and concentrates bile
8.The last part of the digestive tract that disposes waste
10.Lower part of stomach; holds food while enzymes break it down
11.Absorbs nutrients and transports them to the blood stream
12.Located near the trachea; delivers food to stomach
13.Where food enters the digestive process; intake of food and chewing
2.Processes nutrients absorbed; creates bile
4.portion of the stomach closest to the heart
5.Secretes digestive enzymes into the duodenum; creates insulin
9.Where food comming from the stomach mixes with bile and enzymes from the pancreas

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