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Sports Illustrated Graphic Novels Kids

Mr. Winstead

what are the words to go with the defintions?

1 2
4   5        
  6 7              
  11 12                    
    13 14   15               16  
          20 21  
22             23   24                
    26               27

3.weakened your concentration
5.the way in which something is done
7.anything agreed upon to send a message or warning, like a hand sign in baseball
8.extremely silly or foolish
10.splendid or amazing
12.what other people think or say about you
14.to perform a bicycle kick, you kick the ball over your head in mid-air while facing away from the net
18.a midair trick where you kick one leg over the top tube of the bike, then put the foot back on the pedal
19.firm desire to do something
22.a burden or strain, usually from expectations
24.to see someone and know who the person is
26.to admire or have a high opinion of
28.higher or better
30.trick where the rider and bike to a backflip and a 180 at once, then land facing back away from the ramp
1.a blocking scheme players use to keep the defense from getting to the quarterback
2.an offensive play where one or more offensive linemen run toward the outside in order to block for the ball carrier or receiver
4.a play where one or more defenders rush straight for the quarterback
5.a pass-rushing play where two defensive linemen switch up their routes to the quarterback to try to confuse their blockers
6.make fun of someone in an unpleasant way
8.saw something and knew what it was
9.a defensice player earns a (___) if he tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage
11.BMX style based on performing tricks
13.made people think highly of you
15.if you are (___), you are being careful or trying to avoid mistakes or danger
16.having strong belief in your abilities, or that something will happen in the way you want
17.brough together, united, or teamed up
20.a trick where the rider hangs whe rear end of their bike over the opposite side of the rail or ledge they are grinding
21.also known as runs batted in, are statistics given to a batter when a hit causes a runner to score
23.sense of self-importance
25.pleased and satisfied with something
27.a forward on a soccer team who focuses on scoring goals

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