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Drama Terms

Mrs. Haugh

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4.the struggle within the play – can be external or internal
5.The highest point in the story or play
6.Reference to well known people, places, or events from mythology or literature.
9.poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter lines.
10.a division type, or group of 1iterature.
12.the sequence of events in a literary work.
13.Author of the play
14.A speech delivered by a character alone to reveal his thoughts or feelings.
15.The time and place of the story or play
16.A type of drama or literature that shows the downfall or destruction of a noble or outstanding person.
18.a story written to be performed by actors
1.The action of the play or story that works out the decision made at the climax which leads to the denouement
2.the preface or introduction to a 1iterary work.
3.A play with a happy ending
7.a long uninterrupted speech made by a character on the stage.
8.Moveable objects used by actors on stage.
11.a conversation between characters
16.The message or moral of the story or play – the central idea or lesson of the work.
17.Brief remark by one character to the audience while other actors are on the stage.

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