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Revision of Cosmological Argument

Robin Harragin

Key words for Cosmological Argument Edexcel AS Revision

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1.That which makes the effect but is not an effect itself
3.Islamic scholar who supported the argument by saying there is no infinite regress
6.This depends on something else for its existence
7.Used sufficient reason argument to argue against Russell in a radio debate
8.He presented this argument in the first three of his five ways
12.He said we do not need an explanation of the universe because it is just there
13.Supported the argument by using a train as an analogy for the universe
14.That which sets off motion but is not set in motion itself
15.He used Ockham's Razor argument to support this
2.A full explanation for the existence of the universe
4.He used the argument from sufficient reason to defend this argument
5.Going backwards forever
8.An argument which draws on experience
9.This does not depend on anything else for its existence
10.He argued against it by saying it was an inductive leap to assume God was the creator of the universe
11.An argument in which the conclusion is the most probable answer

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