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Thành, Tiến

1 2           3    
  6 7  
9   10    
    11                   12
  13 14                      
  19     20              
  22           23

2.(n) wealth
4.(adj) responsible
5.(n) rich people who hold power over sth.
8.(v) to lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability
11.(pn) small ads placed in a newspaper and organised in categories.
14.(v) ask questeions of someone closely, agressively.
15.(v) to twist fibre to make thread or yarn/ make up a story for advantage.
17.(n) a newspaper article expressing the edior's opinion.
18.(v) to weaken sth
19.(n) unacceptable or improper behaviour, esp by a professional person
21.(n) bullets fired from opposite directions/ a dispute, an argument
22.(v) observe and check the progress or quality of sth over a period of time.
1.(v) make sth visible, uncovering it.
3.(n) *informal* the most important aspects or practical details of a subject or situation.
6.(adj) very shocking, esp in news.
7.(n) sth that shared by most people and regarded as normal or conventional.
9.(n) an act of media delivering a news about an event.
10.(n) a claim that so has done something illegal or wrong
12.(n) a gossip, rumour, guess without evidence.
13.(n) the act of asking for information
16.(n) difficult economic conditions created by the gov to cut public spending -> tightening belt policies
20.(n) the killing of a large number of sth.
23.(n) an argument.

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