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Darline Philius

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3.As the acids move through tiny spaces in the rocks ............... can occur. (2 Words)
7.It occurs when water reacts with compounds in the rock to create other compound.
8.It breaks down most minerals faster than water alone.
10.The breakdown of rocks by chemical reactions and minerals. (2 Words)
12.It starts as tiny strands of plant matter that grow inside small cracks in rocks.
14.It can lift and carry small particles in the air.
16.It can dissolve most types of minerals that hold rocks together.
17.Water seeps into cracks and expands when frozen, causing small cracks to get bigger and open up. (2 Words)
19.As ........... moves through spaces or cracks in rock, acids in the water can use rocks to dissolve.
20.As overlaying materials are removed above the rock, the pressure ......
21.Iron in rocks and soil combines quickly with oxygen that dissolves in water is ......
22.The process by which the outer layers of rock slowly peel away due to pressure changes.
25.The process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces by physical changes (2 Words)
30.Materials undergo weathering below the surface, but are more likely to be weathered once ...... at the surface.
32.More pressure causes the rock to ........, and eventually the rock can break apart.
33.Breaking down and wearing away of rock material by the mechanical action of other rock.
34.An agent that can pull loosened rocks down hills or mountains in a landslide.
35.The larger a root grows, the more ........ it puts on rock.
36.A type of acids produce weak acids that break down rocks? (2 Words)
1.Rocks can get smaller and smaller without a change in the composition of the rock is an example of .... (2 Words)
2.The process of which it occurs when living things from people to plants change rocks. (2 Words)
4.A type of action and activity that scratch and dig on the surface breaking rocks. (2 Words)
5.One of the common features on cave systems as dissolved chemicals are deposited by dripping water underground.
6.Chemical weathering changes both appearance of rocks and .....
9.It dissolves in water to make carbonic acid.
11.Tthe breakdown of rock material by physical and chemical processes.
13.Heating and cooling that cause rocks to expand and contract. (2 Words)
15.One of the common features on cave systems as dissolved chemicals are deposited by dripping water underground.
18.A decrease in temperature will cause a rock to ......
23.Mosses and ....... often grow on rocks and trees.
24.It is an another for Frost Wedging. (2 Words)
26.It is a product of burning fossil fuels that combines with water. (2 Words)
27.During a ........, large rocks can fall from higher up a slope and break more rocks causing abrasion.
28.The amount of surface area exposed to the agents of physical weathering .....
29.The process by which other chemicals combine with oxygen.
31.A rise in temperature will cause a rock to .......

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