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1.(3 words) Darkening of the sun when the moon covers only a portion of it.
6.Of the moon.
10.Of the sun.
12.(3 words) Darkening of the entire sun by the moon.
13.Bowl-shaped hole on the surface of the moon.
14.(2 words) Darkening of the moon by the shadow of the earth
16.Darkening of one heavenly body by another.
20.Smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon.
22.Stream of particles coming from the sun.
24.Heavenly body in orbit around a planet
25.Rise or fall of the ocean surface because of the moon's gravity.
26.Phase when the moon is between the sun and the earth.
2.(2 words) Lights in the northern sky caused by glowing gases
3.(3 words) Darkening of the sun when the moon covers all but a ring of it
4.(2 words) Any darkening of the sun by the moon.
5.One of the shapes in the monthly cycle of the moon.
7.Line extending out from a crater.
8.Transfer of light and heat energy directly through space.
9.Dark area on the sun caused by a storm.
11.(2 words) Star that changes in brightness.
15.(2 words) Sun and all the heavenly bodies in orbit around it.
17.(2 words) Phase showing the entire face of the moon.
18.Half-circle phase of the moon.
19.Curved phase between new and quarter moon.
21.Phase between quarter and full moon.
23.Element first discovered on the sun.

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