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Horse Vocabulary I

Habitat for Horses

Vocabulary of the basic horse body parts

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1.The joint on the front legs of a horse where the barrel meets the legs.
3.The foot of the horse or the part of the foot that touches the ground.
5.Sometimes called a horse's ankle, the fetlock is actually more like the ball of the foot on humans.
8.A small sometimes horn–like callus on the inside of a horse's legs.
12.The highest part of the rump or buttocks of the horse.
13.The part of the face above the eyes on a horse.
16.The lowest part of the pastern of a horse where it meets the hoof.
18.Behind where the saddle sits to where the hip of the horse begins.
20.The area on the horse between the hock and the fetlock, sometimes called a cannon bone since there is a type of horse bit called a cannon.
21.The area below where the loin and croup meet – the hip of the horse.
24.The middle part of the hoof is called the heel on a horse.
25.The part of the head that comes out of a horse's face including the jaw, mouth and nose.
26.The upper part of the neck on a horse where the mane grows.
1.The part on the back of the fetlock where a callous forms.
2.The highest part of a back of a horse, behind the neck and between the shoulders.
3.The joint on the hind leg of a horse that acts like a human ankle.
4.The fleshy top part of the horse's tail.
6.The area on a horse that is close to where the human shoulder would be.
7.Begins at the end of the withers and is where a saddle sits on a horse.
9.Where a horse's throat meets the chin, its where the bridle goes on a horse.
10.The part of the horse's head behind the lower lip and chin.
11.The middle of a horse where the ribcage is.
14.The area on the front legs of a horse between the knee and the elbow.
15.The long hairs that grow from the dock on a horse.
17.The area on the hind leg of a horse between the stifle and hock.
19.On the front legs of a horse, the part that does the same thing as a knee on a human.
21.The back part of a horse's head.
22.The part of a horse between a fetlock and a hoof.
23.The spot on a horse where the human knee would be.

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