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The Planets

Jackie Eastwood

Sixth Grade science vocabulary review.

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1.Planet with its axis almost level with its orbit.
5.Heavenly body that orbits the sun.
7.Hot and cold planet closest to the sun.
9.Force that keeps an object moving in a straight line.
11.Planet with clouds containing sulfuric acid.
12.Planet-like rock between Mars and Jupiter.
18.(2 words) Orbits the sun ourside the earth's orbit.
21.Rock from space that strikes the earth's surface.
22.Forms a tail as it nears the sun in an oblong orbit.
2.Planet surrounded by large flat rings.
3.Orbits the sun inside the earth's orbit.
4.Path of a planet or satellite.
6.Pull between heavenly bodies.
8.Lining up that makes planets appear close together.
10.In a backward direction.
12.Line around which a planet rotates.
13.Position of a superior planet when it is in the direction opposite from the sun.
14.Largest planet; next one after Mars.
15.Streak made as speeding rock enters the atmosphere.
16.Passing of a planet in front of the sun.
17.Next to the last planet; discovered by mathematics.
19.Smallest planet; last one to be discovered.
20.Oval shape of the orbits of planets>
21.Red planet with seasons like the earth.

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