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Alexandria Culture

Mister Magister

Based on the culture reading for Stage 17.

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2.food product exported in great quantities from ancient Alexandria
7.area where wealthy lived in Alexandria
10.person for whom the Caesareum was originally intended
14.put forth helio-centric theory of the planets
16.number of harbors ancient Alexandria had
18.river to which Alexandria's canals connected
19.founder of Alexandria
21.person to whom the Caesareum was actually dedicated
24.university of ancient Alexandria
25.author of ancient geometry textbook
1.island off the coast of Alexandria
3.purple individual who conquered Egypt
4.conquered Alexandria in 30 B.C.
5.last ruler of Alexandria before the Roman conquest
6.non-food exported from Alexandria
8.main street in ancient Alexandria
9.now found in New York City and London
11.person who originally began the construction of the Caesareum
12.book depository in Alexandria
13.pharoah who had Lighthouse built
15.tall narrow pillar of granite
17.temple near the Great Harbor
20.followed Alexander as ruler of Alexandria
22.people who had the greatest power in ancient Alexandria
23.pattern in which architects laid out Alexandria

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