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WWII Unit - Democracy at a Crossroads

Brandon Hayes

This is a crossword puzzle containing clues connected to the World War Two unit. Use your textbook to help you.

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1.What religion was Anne Frank?
3.The SS was one of Hitler's Special Police ______.
5.On September 1st, 1939, Hitler invaded _______.
6.The last name of the leader of Germany in WWII.
7.The German submarine was called the ______.
8.What agreement gave Hitler the control of Sudetenland?
10.Many Jews were killed in gas ________.
12.Supply ships traveled in these to be more protected.
13._________ was the dictator of Italy.
14.Jews were often killed with this gas.
15._______ cards were needed to buy many items during the war times.
16.What laws took the rights of Jews?
19._____ were trained at camp X.
24.Jews were often sent to ____________ camps.
25.The Canadian Navy had ten operational ________.
26.What is the short form for National Socialists?
27.In 1933, Hitler became _________ of Germany.
30.Antisemitism is the hatred of ____?
31.By 1945, Canada's employment rate had _________.
32.The symbol representing the Nazis is referred to as the?
34.The Treaty of __________ was signed following WW1.
37.Hitler destroyed over one/_____ of the Jew population.
41.What was the given name of a big attack on the Jews?
42.In March, 1939, what country did Nazi soldiers march into?
45.What country did Germany overtake without firing?
48.Anne Frank wrote her stories in her ______.
49.Where was Hitler born?
51.The _____ pit was a place in the Atlantic Ocean with no air coverage.
52.What raid was claimed to be a total disaster?
1.This country was behind the attacks at Pearl Harbour, in 1941.
2.What boat carried Jew refugees to Canada and was rejected?
4.VE day stood for victory in ______ day.
9._______ was a common act on German cities during the war.
10.What race was Hitler's "Master race"?
11.D-Day represented "Day of ___________".
17.What Canadian Prime Minister went to visit Nazi Germany in 1937?
18.The bomb invented and used during world war two was the ______ bomb.
19.A British, single seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force was?
20.What government system did Hitler use?
21.Canada wanted to avoid involvement in any future ________.
22.Over 45,000 Canadians gave their _____ in World War II.
23.Hitler thought the Treaty of Versailles was a ________ to Germans.
28.What city did Anne Frank hide in?
29.The project to create the first atomic bomb was named?
33.______ breaking was very helpful in helping the Allies win WWII.
35.When Canada declared war in 1939, they had only 10,000 ________.
36.Germany sunk ships using ________.
38.In 1940, Canada declares war on this country.
39.Over one _______ Canadians served in WW2.
40.On the 10th of September 1939, Canada declared war on ______.
43.Hitler claimed Sudetenland was his last ______ for territory.
44.Hitler used _____ to keep control.
46.In 1939, Canada possessed only 14 of these.
47.Hitler's first name was _____.
50.World War Two began 20 years after World War ___.

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