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Treasure Island

Mrs. B

2       3    
4 5            
10         11
  14 15                  
16 17   18                    
    19                 20  

2.What was the name of Captain Flint’s ship?
5.How many men are on the deadman’s chest?
6.Which of the following characters does Silver take hostage?
8.What is the name of the ship that carried the crew to Treasure Island?
13.What does Jim’s father do for a living?
15.In what century is Treasure Island set?
18.Where is Jim when he overhears Silver’s plans for mutiny?
19.What is Pew’s most noticeable physical feature?
21.What does Jim hunt for after leaving Captain Smollett in the stockade?
22.What is the last clue guiding the pirates to the treasure site?
1.When the treasure was initially discovered, where was it taken immediately after its excavation?
3.What flag does Smollett fly over the stockade?
4.Who interrupts Jim’s narration to tell the story for a while?
7.To whom does Jim first show the map?
9.How does Billy Bones die?
10.Who is the first to discover Flint’s treasure on the island?
11.In which part of his body does O’Brien stab Israel Hands?
12.What is the name of Long John Silver’s parrot?
14.Jim sees "huge slimy monsters" on the beach before cutting loose the Hispaniola. What were those monsters?
16.Where does Jim encounter Ben Gunn?
17.What does Silver want when he visits Smollett in the stockade?
20.What is Long John Silver’s original job on the ship?

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