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Amanda's Cool Words

Amanda Eaton

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1.Effortless grace.
4.An advocate of extending the righ to vote, especially to women.
8.Examine with great care.
9.Applicability of a state's laws outside it territory.
16.Government of holy persons.
17.Rambling on about something.
19.Tired or meaningless remark.
20.A word or phrase resulting from mishearing a word or phrase.
21.Dimple in the cheek that pareas when someone smiles.
22.Keen judgement or wisdom.
23.To discharge or release.
24.Boldly disrespectful.
2.Critical moment.
3.Ringing noise.
4.Pleasure derived from another's misfortunes.
5.Original pattern of something
6.Exhibiting a degree of similarity.
7.Study of fingerprints as a means of indentification.
10.Recklessly daring or bold.
11.Capable of being impregnated.
12.An erroneous alteration of a work or phrase.
13.A choice involving multiple undesirable options.
14.Something reused but still showing taces of its earlier form.
15.Deep insight or understanding.
18.One who loves words.

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