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Words of the Day - theme letter "M"

1 2 3
4   5                
  7   8               9    
10   11          
12               13      
      14 15                    
  16                 17        
19                     20                      
      22 23                     24 25  
29           30                 31              
      32         33
34                   35                    
36                 37                  
  38               39    
41               42 43       44  
        45                   46            
        47             48                  

5.a collection of normally wild animals
6.surroundings; environment
7.5 in one foot
12.a phrase or word repeated many times
15.untruthful and extremely harmful;biting
16.relating to memory
19.tower near a mosque calling Muslims to prayer
23.a curse
26.precise; careful with details
29.blue-green bird with long tail from Central America
30.size; importance
31.pluck; nerve; spirit
34.a person who is generally unhappy
35.a stench from the earth
36.an unspecified sickness
37.manipulative; bossy; interfering
38.a tiny model of a large system
41.a large, complex system
45.average, but should be doing better
46.vague tiredness, depression, or apathy
47.Hindu or Buddhist art showing a spiritual picture of the universe
48.brave; courageous
49.an order; a command
50.tufted ear monkey of South America
1.a huge group; ten-thousand
2.has a candle for each night of Hanukkah
3.a complete and total change
4.can be scraped off of plants and used for glue
8.to soften the seriousness of a situation
9.Using this, a diamond is a 10, but talc is a 1.
10.to lie hurtfully about someone else
11.average; down the middle
13.tiny or unimportant details
14.average; boring; earthly
16.folds out of the wall for sleeping
17.relating to the local government
18.Its insides are its outsides.
19.an eyepiece for a single eye
20.very generous
21.a wise saying or proverb
22.1,000 of these make 1 meter
23.to present a situation in a false way
24.worn with a graduation gown
25.This person hates everybody else
28.to pacify; to soothe
32.extremely tiny
33.changeable; moldable
34.5 in one hand
35.near-sighted in body; short-sighted in planning
37.relating to retail business
39.public written declaration of opinions
40.gloomy; sullen; melancholy
41.to wander around without a goal
42.excessively emotional
43.compares two unlike things in a figure of speech
44.literally means "my lady"

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