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Social Cognitive Views of Learning

Whitney Snowden & Matt Krupa

Social Cognitive Views of Learning review guide

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2.Albert ___ - The pioneer of the Social Cognitive Theory
8.___ learning effect - acquiring a new behavior after seeing someone do it
9.People believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Brains and talent are just the starting point. Creates a love of learning
10.Affected by modeling - Children become better readers when their parents read at home
14.Social learning theory that says people learn through observation and eventually assume control over their own behavior
16.___ models - living person whose behavior is observed in person. Teachers, parents, peers, siblings
19.Response ___ effect - increasing a previously punished behavior when seeing someone else NOT punished for it
21.People will set ___ goals for themselves when they have high self-efficacy
23.instructing oneself through a complex task - similar to self talk
25.___ behaviors - type of behavior that changes the way someone acts. If a child's parents continually engage in generous acts, child is more likely to exhibit generosity
28.How modeling works - Students must be ___ to demonstrate behavior
30.How modeling works - Students must be physically ___ demonstrate the behavior
31.___ models - real or fictional characters in media that influence an observer's behavior. Presidents, movie stars, tv people
1.Unfavorable behavior exhibited by people who observe violence
3.learners form expectations about the likely consequences of future actions and behave accordingly - in order for this to work, learners must be aware that a relationship exists between behavior and this
4.___ self-efficacy - belief that one can perform a task successfully even after experiencing set backs
5.judgement of one's own performance or behavior
6.standards and goals we set for ourselves. The way we monitor our own process and behaviors
7.Reinforcement & Punishment can occur ___ - students see others being punished so they decide not to misbehave
11.How modeling works - Students must ___ what the model does
12.People believe their basic qualities are fixed traits. Spend time documenting their intelligence or talents instead of developing them. Believes talent alone creates success without effort
13.Person's belief that they are capable of or can achieve a certain task or goal
15.Response ___ effect - Decreasing a previously learned behavior when seeing someone else punished for it
17.Response ___ effect - increasing a previously learned behavior when seeing someone else reinforced for it
18.self-observation of behavior - keeping track of how well we are doing in accomplishing our goals and standards
20.The experiment used to study modeling and aggression
22.How modeling works - Students must pay ___ to what the model does
24.People and their ____ influence each other
26.two perspectives - demonstrating behavior for another person or observing and imitating another's behavior
27.It is important that they have a high self-efficacy
29.___ directed behavior - people set these for themselves and their behavior is influenced by them

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