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american rebirth


1 2          
3   4            
      5 6   7      
8               9    
        10             11
12     13          
  15   16        
19     20        
21   22 23            
25             26            

2.another word for private
4.16th president
6.places you keep horses
8.soldiers who leave war with no permission
10.what comes through the mail
12.the opposite of happy
14.what everyone called Milton
16.Elise's horse
17.is a doctor and a family member of Elise
20.travels on train tracks
23.involves tears
24.what Elise did instead of a birthday party
25.place you go to learn
26.the house keeper
1.doesn't make sense
2.people who fight in wars
3.verlys moms name
5.his son went to fight for the rebels
7.verlys brother
9.was a lawyer to help slaves
11.best friend of main character
13.people you hang out with
15.main character
18.what you call your parents and cousins
19.great with animals and Elise's brother
21.something you wear on your feet
22.work one cent

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