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The Joy of Mary

Stefanie Vance

Praying the Rosary's Joyful Mysteries

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1.Mary and her son attended a wedding in this village
4.Mary's home town
8.The flowers Mary placed in the cloak of Juan Diego
9.The angel who first said "Hail, Mary, full of grace"
12.The age of Mary's son when he was found in the Jerusalem temple
13.Because Mary was specially created by God to be without sin, she is called___
14.The first miracle by Mary's son was to change water into this drink
15.The saint who created the first Nativity scene
17.Mary's husband
18.The name of Mary's only child
20.The Jewish name of Mary
2.The traditional name of Mary's mother
3.Simeon told Mary that this would pierce her heart
5.The feast that celebrates Mary's bodily entry into heaven
6.The current location of Mary's body
7.The cousin of Mary; also the mother of John the Baptist
10.The number of beads in one decade of the rosary
11.The color of the roses on the Mary's feet when she appeared to Bernadette
15.Where Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Spain
16.We recite this when holding the rosary's crucifix or cross
17.The Apostle who took Mary into his home after the death of Jesus
19.The number of times we pray the "Our Father" when praying one complete rosary

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