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You raise me up


3             4
6 7 8  
10     11        

1.After finishing the long walk, he looked pale and ____________.
2.Can you ____________ up for your right?
3.Recently, I have to handle lots of ____________ like losing the door keys and breaking the TV.
5.Do you think you are ____________ enough to help me carry these chairs?
9.They are ____________ with regrets.
10.I have a ____________ for study. I want to learn more.
12.I finished crossing the ____________ seas.
13.Peter can't ____________ quietly to get his homework finished.
14.The room is filled with ____________ once he makes an unexpected suggestion.
1.It's a ____________ that it took almost ten years.
4.She led the blind to an armchair, with her arms round his ____________.
6.I have been ____________ since I failed the final exam.
7.When will you ____________ to my home?
8.Do you think Ma On Shan is the highest ____________ in Hong Kong?
10.Do you think you can touch her ____________ so easily simply by giving her thios bunch of flowers?
11.They ____________ a group of people standing on the bank of a river.

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