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Mrs. Bruhn

1 2 3     4
  5   6 7  
8                 9 10            
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18                           19
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  22                 23       24        
    26 27                
    29 30    
31                   32
36             37        

3.amount of matter in an object
8.this systems major organs are the stomach and intestines
10.the moving of rock by wind and water
13.Colorado has snow in the winter; Florida is hot and sunny in the summer (the pattern you expect to see)
14.an animal without a backbone
16.heat transfers when particles bump into each other; a spoon turning hot when it is placed in hot water
18.movement of Earth around the sun; takes 365 days
20.type of energy that travels in straight lines called rays
22.a tool that measures air pressure
23.a resource that can be replaced like ocean tides and sunlight
25.has a definite size and shape; its particles are packed tightly together
27.the ability to float
28.can't be separated (example: lemonade)
31.anything that has mass and takes up space
33.the spinning of Earth on its axis; takes 24 hours
34.a behavior an animal is born knowing to do like hibernation or migration
35.no definite siz or shape; particles move very fast
36.type of energy that produces heat
37.major organ of the nervous system
1.heat moving from a source outward to an object; the suns rays heating Earth
2.are easily split apart (example: goldfish and grapes)
4.tpe of energy that travels in waves and is caused by vibrations
5.type of energy that causes motion
6.warm air or water rising to the top and cold air or water sinking to the bottom
7.takes the shape of the container it is in; the particles slide
9.effects on the ocean water caused by the gravitational pull of the moon
11.a tool that measures temperature
12.an animals color or pattern that helps it blend in with its environment
15.animals that only eat producers
17.amount of space that liquid takes up
19.0 degrees Celsius
21.organisms that use sunlight to make their own food
24.a tool that measures wind direction
26.100 degrees Celsius
29.today it is rainy and cold; tomorrow will be sunny with a high of 85 (changes constantly)
30.the one thing that is different in an experiment
32.an animal looks like another object or animal; praying mantis

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