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CH 16 Sense Organs

Bio 1551

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1.type of sound that is lost as you age...hint...mosquito ringtones for your phone
6.inner layer of the eye
7.final stop on olfactory pathway
9.far sightedness
11.sound waves strike this
12.type of reflex that causes pupil constriction
17.where trait for color blindness is found
18.nerve partially responsible for taste
20.nerve partially responsible for taste
23.loud music kills these :(
24.leads to increasing ability to focus
27.muscle that alters the shape of the lens
29.passageway to tympanic membrane
31.this is what Dr. Arvin thinks a word bank is
32.you fall into a comma and...
33.forms v-shape on back of tongue
35.can you smell food you are chewing?
36.shape of fungiform papillae
37.visual axis of eye
38.nea rsightedness
39.irregular curvature of lens
40.receptor for equilibrium
2.texture sensor of tongue
3.hearing organ
4.bent rays of light
5.you loose most of these cells by age three
8.term used to describe the molecules that need to be present to smell them
10.odor receptor's are linked to these
13.provide color vision
14.nerve formed when cochlear and vestibular nerves merge together
15.helps absorb stray light
16.the absence of these would cause moderate to severe hearing loss
19.nerve partially responsible for taste
21.considered bipolar
22.depth perception and 3-D vision
26.passageway to nasopharynx
27.part of a photpigment
28.serous fluid secreted by the posterior chamber
30.decreased sensitivity to odors
34.provide vision in dim light

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