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Credit and Loans Word Find

Richard Azarigian

2   3
4               5   6                  
7                     8
9                   10   11
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4.Person who borrows the money
6."minimum month payment"
7.Fee paid when payment is passed due date
9.Card that is linked to a checking or savings account
13.Amount still owed on a loan
16.Charge for various credit activities, such as an ATM
18.The amount owed last month
19.Sum of money that is borrowed
21.One time yearly charge like a membership fee
22.Total amount owed
1.Low APR which is typically limited
2.Period of time where the borrower doesnt have to pay installments
3.A cash loan from your credit card
5.Buying now and paying later, or borrowing
8.Fee charged if you go over approved limit
10.Period of 1 to 6 months, where the borrower is not required to pay loan installments
11.Date payment is due
12.Total cost of using your credit card
14.A card with a set monetary value
15.Legal agreement between 2 people binded by law
17.A payment on your loan
19.Amount of interest on a loan will be distributed over time
20.Amount of money paid by the borrower for the money borrowed

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