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From the Crusades to New Muslim Empires

Dan Carson

1 2
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6     7 8                      
    9     10 11 12
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    31     32             33    
  35               36      

3.Queen of Spain
8.why Jerusalem is important to Muslims (2 Words)
13.holiest of cities
14.now known as Istanbul
16."cowardly"? lion (2 Words)
17.invaded and resided in India for quite some time
18.Ottomans put an end to this empire
22.had a driver's license for a winged-horse
23.Christians who were killed on their way to the Holy Land
24.anyone who was not a Christian was in serious trouble
27.in Syria, it took nine months for the Crusaders to capture it
29.one player in the Crusades
32.primary location of the Crusades (2 Words)
34.these dudes were turkeys...I mean Turks!
35.Shi'ah Muslims
36.the unfortunate innocent bystanders of the Crusades
37.crusade where Christians had the most success
38.Muslims pray here
1.Crusaders took an 'L' here during the 2nd Crusade
2.why Jerusalem is important to Christians
4.introduced to Europeans through the Crusades
5.a hatred for all Jewish people
6.located in the Holy Land
7.important Muslim place of worship (4 Words)
9.King of Spain
10.fearless leader who originated around the block from China (2 Words)
11."There will be a Crusade!" Holla! (3 Words)
12.Faith S. was Portugal on this peninsula
15.Ottoman Empire arose from here
19.this important Jewish shrine cries boo hoo (2 Words)
20.their crusade failed terribly...wah wah wah!
21.root out the Muslims and Jews
25.ransacked their way through Muslim lands
26.where Jews were forced to live
28.why Jerusalem is important to Jews
30.Muslim leader
31.people who don't know how to stay in one place
32.the other player in the Crusades
33.important port city to the Holy Land

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