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CH 15 Autonomic Nervous System

BIO 1551

1     2                                
3 4                             5
6                                   7  
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30                 31                    

1.maintains resting heart rate
4.has short, unmyelinated POG fibers
6.connect sympathetic ganglion to a spinal nerve
10.muscarinic recptors are found here
11.sympathetic and parasympathetic work together
13.ANS nuclei are housed here
15.POG sympathetic neurons of the adrenal medulla behave like
17.ganglion in sympathetic division that innervates liver
19.common effect of beta adrenergenic receptors
21.muscle(s) that does not have dual innervation
25.sympathetic and parasympathetic are at odds with each other
26.one of three routes a sympathetic nerve can travel
27.supress synthesis of cAMP
29.used as secondary messenger in beta one and beta two
30.post ganglion neurons have this type of receptor
31.autonomic reflexes are integrated here
2.NE binds here
3.breaks down NE
5.released by preganglionic neurons
6.another name for parasympathetic
8.carries fibers for salivation and blood pressure
9.change the effects of ACh and NE in ANS
12.how many somatic motor neurons between CNS and effector
14.all cardiac and skeletel muscle
16.provides pathway between sensory experiences and ANS
18.can be adrenergenic of muscarinic
20.major control center of ANS
22.always excitatory
23.most POG fibers are in a chain beside the __________.
24.uses calcium ion as second messenger

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