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Computerized Billing Quiz 1 Review

Joshua Greenspan

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4.This retrieves and organizes the data from various parts of the practice management software program into useful information, or reports.
6.When a patient receives services, whether in the office, hospital, nursing home, or other facility, the fees must be applied to the patient’s account. Not only will the fee be applied, but also information relevant to the encounter between patient and physician.
7.Input information about each patient, demographic and medical insurance information.
10.physical parts of a computer.
12.This is designed to prepare claims that are sent to insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by medical providers. Gathers patient information, procedures and diagnosis information with the corresponding codes, and place of services codes, and then uses the appropriate fee schedule to produce the claims.
14.universal serial bus used by peripheral devices.
16.jump drive memory device that plugs into a USB port, serves as additional storage and is the size of a thumb
17.machine that reads data from a disk
18.Uses the information from sending claims to insurance companies and payments received to generate statements. It is customary for patients to receive a bill, or statement each month.
1.Once the claim is sent to the insurance company and a payment returns, it will be applied to the patient’s account. Adjustments are often used to reflect contract agreements, credits, refunds, discounts, bad debt, corrections to erroneous entries, and other accounting situations
2.A utility area of the program that contains common information used by various systems within the software, an area of the program where the setup of the software system can be easily adjusted for the needs of the practice.
3.term that describes hardware devices connected to the computer
5.This software should be able to schedule appointments, cancel, reschedule and search for appointments.
8.is the disk that resides inside the computer and stores all software and files
9.data is burned onto the disc using a laser
11.means that the computer can use and transfer data from the CD and can’t erase or add to it
13.has special software which allows data to be copied, or saved on to it.
15.stands for digital versatile disk or digital video disk. Holds more info. than a CD.

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