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Comprehensive Final Exam

Mrs. McClendon

Use this puzzle to fill the answer to your study guide.

1                   2
5           6     7 8          
        15           16  
17                             18            
21   22      
    24         25     26
27                               28
31           32              

1.A data type that allows a field to store a unique sequential number that Access assigns.
3.The arithmetic operator for multiplication.
5.The default slide layout orientation.
8.Prints at the bottom of every page.
10.Appears around a selected graphic.
12.A software program that allows you to organize, analyze, calculate and chart data.
13.Another name for presentation.
14.Enters sequential numbers, times, or dates in a column or row quickly.
15.Indicates what can be stored in the field in a database.
17.Word displays these tabs when you perform certain tasks or work with objects such as pictures or tables.
18.The name of the rows in Access.
19.Use this view to see all the fields in a record.
20.Defines the appearance of shape of the letters, numbers, and special charcters.
23.Displays the lowest value in a range.
24.Alerts Excel that you are entering a formula or function and not text.
27.Allows you to choose a slide layout in PowerPoint.
29.Choose this icon to show formatting marks on the screen.
30.Allows you to move the cell cursor.
31.Items in the Office Clipboard are copied to this document.
32.Is a central location for managing and sharing database objects.
1.The boxes with dotted borders that are displayed on new slides.
2.Prints at the top of every page.
4.Software that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations.
6.Press this key to display a Key Tip Badge, or keboard code icon.
7.Overide the order of operations.
9.Displays the highest value in a range.
11.It's a good idea to use this number format when dealing with money.
12.Is an animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next.
16.Is the process of copying an item from the Clipboard into a document at the location of the insertion point.
18.The control center in Word.
21.Enabling this feature allows you to see the lines on a printed spreadsheet.
22.When inserting a table into a document, you must specify this of the table.
25.Selected graphics display these handles at each corner and middle location.
26.The default (preset) view.
28.Is called the primary tab because it contains the more frequently used commands.

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