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Baiocchi, Olivia Grabocka

Baiocchi, Olivia Grabocka

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1.The church choir sang a ______.
3.He left a _____ for the bird.
4.The car stopped at a stop ______.
5.The boy answered with ________ when his mo told him to clean his room.
7.There was a big __________ of dirt under the tree.
9.Her blanket was very _________.
10.She had a _________ for dinner.
13.She is a _______ in math.
14.He said that he would _________ from his job.
15.The designer will _________ her room.
16.She has great _____________ when she speaks.
17.The weightlifter was very ____________.
1.She sang a ________ tune in the shower.
2.She made the envelope ________ to it could close.
4.The bird sang a _________ tune.
6.She waited for the butter to ________ on her toast.
7.In spelling, every word has its own ___________.
8.There was a ___________ going on in his neighborhood.
11.The pair of pants had a unique _________.
12.Some people have a very nice _____________.

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