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Solar System

Patrick Campbell

2 3   4
6   7           8
9   10 11   12          
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      19 20
21   22    

1.True or False? is there water on Mars
2.Orbits Earth
5.Known as the red planet
6.Where will the next Solar Eclipse be
9.Which space station always has one person on it
11.What is the closet gas planet to the sun
15.7th planet from the sun
17.How many rings does Saturn Have
18.8th planet from the sun
21.Gives off light and heat
23.How many moons does mars have
24.How many moons does Uranus have
3.How many moons does earth have
4.What was the first name of the first man on the moon
5.Closest planet to the sun
7.How many moons does jupiter have
8.What was the second name of the first man on the moon
10.Has rings
11.Largest planet
12.Is now a dwarf planet
13.What was the second man on the moon's nickname
14.We live here
16.2nd closet planet to the sun
19.What year did we land on the moon
20.True or False? Is the Sun a star
22.Does the sun have a moon

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