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Relationships between institutions and voters media pacs & parties

Andrew and Karsten

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2.is when interest groups try to affect people's decisions to vote for a specific person by giving the candidate money and speaking out positively about them.
3.The movement of individuals from government positions to jobs in the private sector, using the experience, knowledge, and contacts they acquired in government employment.
6.is people from an interest group trying to inform a politician about an idea that they believe is important enough to be supported by them.
7.Nominating process in which party leaders select the party's nominee.
8.Interaction in a common policy area among lobbyists, elected officials, staff personnel, bureaucrats, journalists, and private sector experts.
9.An organization of people with shared policy goals entering the policy process at several points to try to achieve those goals
10.Attempts to influence government decision making by inspiring constituents to contact their representatives.
11.Ads that advocate policy positions rather than explicitly supporting or opposing particular candidates.
1.Money spent in support of a candidate/party without coordination with the candidate/party.
4.Nominating process in which delegates from local party organizations select the party's nominee.
5.is very important when trying to pass or repeal laws and change public opinion.

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