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Space and Solar system

Jacob Elwick

About our solar system

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2.Along with satellites .......... orbits the earth (2 Words)
6.The asteroid belt is located between which 2 planets (2 Words)
7.The name of the expedition that explored the moon
9.Became a dwarf planet in 2006
10.The first man on the moon (2 Words)
13.The sun produces .........
17.The only planet in the Milky Way that can sustain life
18.Our solar system formed how many years ago (2 Words)
20.Pluto's orbit sometimes goes ......... Neptune's orbit
21.Second person on the moon (2 Words)
23.The cyclone raging on Jupiter (3 Words)
25.The way objects circle a planet
26.The object at the centre of the solar system
27.Mars surface is covered in deep ........
29.Mercury is the solar systems ......... planet
31.There is no ....... in space
33.The planet named after the roman goddess of love
34.Like our sun but further away
36.Jupiter is the first of what scientists call the ........ (2 Words)
37.Scientist believe that mars once had ........ on it
1.Also known as the red planet
3.Venus' atmosphere is made of..... (2 Words)
4.Named after the roman god of the sea
5.Asteroids are chunks of........
8.A dwarf planet named after the roman goddess of agriculture
11.The streak of dust behind a comet is called a ,......
12.Comets are actually chunks of .........
14.The company that explores the solar system
15.what colour does Uranus appear to be
16.The only planet in the Milky Way that begins with U
19.The planet closest to the sun
21.Jupiter is the solar systems ........ planet
22.The cloud of comets beyond Pluto (2 Words)
24.The things that humans send out to explore the universe
26.The planet famous for having rings around it
27.Like our moon, Mercury has lots of ........
28.The name of our solar system (2 Words)
30.Uranus has a blue colour because of ......... in the outer layer
32.Largest planet in the solar system
35.Venus' ....... is similar to earth's

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