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Grading Criteria Common Verbs

Neil Taylor

Common verbs used in the grading criteria for Pass, Merit & Distinction

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1.Give careful consideration to all the factors or events that apply and identify which are the most important
5.Review a topic or issue objectively and weigh up both positive and negative points before making a decision
7.Identify the main factors that apply in two or more situations and explain the similarities and differences
10.Write down or articulate breifly the main points or essential features
11.Write a clear and full account
14.Create a plan, proposal or outline to illustrate a straightforward concept or idea
16.Set out in detail the meaning of something with reasons.
18.Identifying separate factors, saying how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic
19.Give reasons or evidence to support your opinion or view to show how you arrived at these conclusions
20.Provide several relevant examples or related evidence which clearly support the argumentss you are making.
2.Review the information then bing it together to form a conclusion. Give evidence for each of your views or statements.
3.Describe the degree to which a statement is true or the important or value of something by reviewing the information. Includes precise and detailed information and asses possible alternatives bearing in mind strengths and weaknesses.
4.Clearly explains what a particular term means and gives an example
6.Point out or choose the right one or give a list to show what you mean
8.Paints a picture with words
9.Provide the information in short concise points rather than continuous writing
12.Work out how you would carry out a task or activity
13.Include examples or a diagram to show what you mean
15.Define or explain the meaning of something
17.A clear description is written but not in detail

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