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Rosette Gray

  3 4
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2._______ is full of air pockets that were trapped when the lava cooled when it came out onto the surface it is also the only rock that can float
11._______ is a rock that contains many fossils and is made of calcium carbonate and microscopic shells
12.Sedimentary rocks are formed in layers called _____
14._______ refers to the process of water breaking down rock over time
16._______ is when accumulated sediment is pressed together to form
19.If there is a definite shape with easy to see flat sides, it is called a ____ _____
21.Rocks pieces
22.A felsic volcanic rock
23.When rocks break down into smaller and smaller pieces, they turn into ____
24.How many layers does the earth's crust have
26._________ has jagged bits of rock cemented together in a matrix
27.How many groups are rocks divided in?
30.How many kinds of igneous rocks are there?
31.What rock is made from fire and heat?
33.A metamorphosed limestone
35.A volcanic rock of mafic composition
1.A _______ is composed of the same substance throughout
3.When large amounts of plants are deposited in sedimentary rocks, they turn into ______
4.A rare ultramafic, ultrapotassic volcanic rock and a source of diamonds
5.What type of rock are made from sand and mud at the bottom of lakes and oceans, _________
6.When the magma gets hard inside the crust, it turns into ______
7.They are minerals that are usually transparent and have been cut and polished
8.When there is just a big hunk of a mineral, it is a ______ _______
9.A sedimentary rock composed primarily of coccolith fossils
10.All rocks are made of _____
13.________ rock has rounded rocks cemented together in a matrix
15.__________ forms when lava cools quickly on the surface, it is glassy and smooth
17._______ is the study of rocks
18.Of the three main kinds of rocks, which one is the least common? _________
20.Rock are constantly being formed, worn down and formed again, this is called the _____ _____
23.There are ___ main groups of sedimentary rocks
25.A _____ are minerals that have had the chance to grow in the shape that they were meant to be
28.A _____ is a natrually occuring aggregate of one or more minerals.
29.How many groups are minerals sorted in?
32.When the rock is liquid and is inside the earth
34.When the magma flows out of a volcano, the liquid is called _____

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