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Philosophy (Unit B601) - The End of Life

Miss Lambert

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1.One purpose of a funeral service is to provide what to the bereaved?
3.A term used to describe the friends and family a deceased person leaves behind on earth.
4.A term used to refer to someone who has died.
9.A rite of a funeral service where people ask God for help (both for the deceased and the bereaved).
10.A rite of a funeral service where the life and achievements of the deceased are remembered.
11.A rite of a funeral service where the soul of the deceased is recommended to God.
12.A rite of a funeral service where the body is buried or cremated.
13.Where your soul goes after death, if you have lived an immoral life.
15.The act of atoning (making amends) for a fault or mistake.
1.The other half of our being which isn't 'body'.
2.The act of rising to life again.
5.A Roman Catholic belief in a place where a soul which isn't completely free from sin will be punished before the soul can reach heaven.
6.The disposal of a body through incineration.
7.Customs and traditions associated with Christian funeral services.
8.The book of the New Testament which includes the passage: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die”.
13.Where your soul goes after death, if you have lived a morally good life.
14.The event which ends your life on earth.

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