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Freak the mighty

Emily cooper

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1.The book that freak writes down all of the of the words he tought max
4.Max's room also known as " the down under"
8.Tony d. The bully's nickname.
11.Max's grandpa
13.What max receives in a pyramid box from freak on Christmas and freak wants max to write all the adventures they had
15.What grim wants to protect max and gram with but gram dosent approve.
17.But max is good at ______.
23.Max and freak find Loretta ______ in the storm drain.
24.What Kevin thought he was in daycare.
2.The leader of a moterctcle gang.
3.Freaks real name.
5.Kevin was very_____ and had leg braces
6.Max was very ______ and had big feet
7.Kevin's nickname that max gave him
9.Iggys wife. Or " the bikers babe"
10.The shape of the box freak made to put max's journal for christmas
11."Fair _____ of air" freaks nickname for his mom.
12.Main character who is very tall and has big feet
14._____ Kane, maxes fathers nickname. He killed max's mother and got put in prison
16.Max is bad at ______.
18."King ____" the king in freak favorite book.
19.Max's grandma that acts of like a mother
20.Gram and grim were _____ for him saving freak, and gained a lot more respect from them.
21.What the police call max after saving freak
22.What max and freak run into wheat they are being chased by tony d. After they were soaking wet

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