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STAAR World Geography Vocab Review

Coach Baker

Possible Vocab for STAAR

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3.The spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior
6.Production of goods and services is determined by demand from consumers - "capitalism"
7.Location, Region, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, & Movement
10.Total value of all goods and services produced within a country
17.Belief in more than one god
18.Graphic device that shows the gender and age distribution of a population
19.Giant wave in the ocean caused by an earthquake
20.Plates that ride above the circulation of heated magma under the Earth's crust
22.The layer of gases released by the burning of petroleum and coal that results in trapped solar energy causing higher temperatures
24.Level of economic activity where raw materials are gathered such as harvesting timber
26.Number of deaths among children under the age of 1 per 1,000 population
27.Includes the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere
29.Area around the Pacific Rim where most active volcanoes are located
30.0 degrees latitude
32.Occurs when weathered materials are moved by wind, water, ice, or gravity
33.Set of imaginary lines that run from pole to pole - called meridians
34.A resource that can be replaced through natural processes
1.Government and economic system where all political power and means of production are held by the government in the name of the people
2.Also known as the population growth rate-subtracting the death rate from the birthrate
4.Type of economy where goods and services are traded without the use of money; barter system
5.Belief in only one god
8.A nation's basic support system to keep its economy going - communication, transportaion, power, education, etc..
9.Weather pattern that causes heavy rain and flooding in North and South America, but causes drought in Asia
11.Set of imaginary lines that run parallel to the equator - called parallels
12.Graphic device that shows temperature and precipitation over a year for a given area
13.Where something is in relation to something else - Fort Worth is 35 miles west of Dallas
14.The average number of people who live in a measurable area
15.Economic activity level that adds value to materials, like automobile manufacturing
16.The average amount of money earned by each person
18.0 degrees longitude
21.Government where an individual or group hold complete power
23.The dramatic rise in the number of cities and the changes in lifestyle that result
25.Land that is surrounded by other land with no direct sea outlet
28.Factor that causes people to leave their homeland
31.When a river enters an ocean, the sediment is deposited in a fan like pattern

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