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Mrs. Allen

1 2
3               4
5 6      

3.Use a ___________ outside when you want to get people's attention.
8.Trip can mean a vacation, and trip can mean to fall. Trip and trip are___________.
9.He had _____________ so he couldn't speak very loudly.
10.In kindergarten, students do ___________ pages to learn their letters and sounds.
1.Grandma played her old records on a ________________.
2.If you study__________, you know a lot about different sounds that letters make in different languages.
4.A nice song with a good beat is ______________.
5.In our assemblies, Mr. Klespitz speaks using a _______________.
6.The little boy was banging all the pots and pans together in the kitchen. I couldn't stand the ___________.
7.A ___________ is a brass instrument.

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