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Intro to Criminal Justice Review

Marcia Bedard

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4.actual or implied intention to kill with no provocation
5.theft, most common crime
6.forcing a person to help commit a crime
8.a guilty mind, intent
11.killing with malice aforethought, but without deliberation or premeditation
14.rule of conduct
15.using force or the threat of force to steal from a person
18.killing done while a person is committing a felony
21.breaking into a building to steal property
22.prohibited act
23.knowingly misrepresenting a fact to get property from another person
24.less serious crime, punishable by less than a year in jail
1.taking property that is entrusted to you from another person
2.intentional killing without malice aforethought
3.serious crime, punishable by more than a year in prison
7.defendant must show that because of their mental illness, they did not know right from wrong
9.deliberate, premeditated killing
10.person intends the act when they commit it
12.the defendant would not have committed the crime, except for the government's enticement
13.defense that shows the defendant was nowhere near the crime scene on the day in question
16.person breaks the law to prevent a greater evil
17.harm is caused by the act
19.killing another human being
20.violation of a law

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