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Periodic Table

Jordan Byrne

1 2        
3   4
6                       7
15   16              

2.An element that tends to be shiny, easily shaped, and a good conducter of heat, and electricity.
5.The average mass of the atoms of an element. (2 Words)
6.The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. (2 Words)
11.Likely to undergo chemical change.
13.An orbit followed by electrons around an atom's nucleus. (2 Words)
16.An element that is not a metal and has properties oposite of a metal.
17.A positively charged particle located in an atom's nucleus.
18.A particle that has no electric charge and is located in an atom's nucleus.
1.A table of the elements, arranged by (2 Words)
3.An element that has properties of both metals and non-metals.
4.The process by which the nucleus of an atom of an element realeases energy and particles.
7.The central region of an atom where most of the atom's mass is found in protons and neutrons
8.A Horizontal row in the periodic table.
9.A negatively charged particle located outside an atom's nucleus.
10.The amount of time it takes for half the nuclei of a radioactive isotope to decay into forms of another element.
12.An atom of one element that has a different number of neutrons than another atom of the same element.
14.A vertical column in the periodic table.
15.An atom or group of atoms that has a positive or negative electric charge.

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