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CJ 1440 #2

1 2 3      
7                   8
10 11          
12                   13                   14
15   16       17            

2.Judge impose imposes a combination sentence, a portion of which is incarceration and a portion which is probation
4.Offenders are provided with strict discipline, physical training and hard labor. (2 Words)
7.The first theorist to stress the importance of cognitive stages of development
9.Labeling theory is what type of theory?
12.Learning at different stages of development is closely associated with? (2 Words)
15."Born Criminals" was a phrase coined by?
18.This theory states people have two basic needs: a need for love and a need for acceptance.
20.Theories include Propositions, Definitions and?
21.What type reprieves were used as a suspended sentence?
22.The idea that genes and chromosomes contribute to one's deviance or criminal conduct is closely associated with? (2 Words)
1.An example of a mandatory sentence law is? (3 Words)
3.The Justice Model of Intensive Supervision includes what type of philosophy? (2 Words)
4.What type of reform is the original goal of probation?
5.The difference between alternative dispute resolution and probation is that clients participating in probation are? (2 Words)
6.Punishment centered but not unfair, the penalty should fit the crime.
8.This model uses citizen involvement in offender reintergration
10.Which theory suggests that delinquents and adult criminals pattern their behavior after other delinquents and criminals? (2 Words)
11.Suspects not likely to flee the jurisdiction during temporary release from detention is?
13.According to Sheldon, a skinny person with long slenders and body is what type?
14.Stresses rehabillitative measures seeking to reintegrate offenders back into community
16.This model considers criminal behavior as an illness to be remedied?
17.Incarceration of the offender for a short period of time then a sentence of probation
19.The sentenece of serving more then one year in jail or prison from a conviction is?

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