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Earth and our Solar System.


The Solar System and our Planet.

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  31     32  

1.how many moons does earth have?
2.closest planet to earth
5.the first gas giant
6.closest planet to the sun
9.The robot on mars.
11.artifical objects in space
13.Does venus have rings?
14.our solar systems dwarf planet
15.Suns but further away.
18.use to be a planet but not anymore.
19.surface of pluto
20.smallest planet at the moment in our solar system.
22.Number of the Apollo that almost didn't make it back in 1 piece.
24.The amount of moons in our solar system (rounded off)
25.Our Planet.
26.Does jupiter have rings?
27.how many rings does saturn have?
29.Does saturn have rings?
31.the red planet
34.atmoshere is mainly carbon dioxide
35.surface of the sun
36.how many billions of years is our galaxy?
2.a planet that traps the heat from the sun.
3.The ??? ???? theory.
4.Named after the Roman god of the ocean.
7.a storm on jupitar that has been raging for over 300 years
8.Our Galaxy.
10.Takes photos of Earth.
12.biggest planet.
15.the center of our solar system.
16.surface of our moon
17.chunks of dirty ice left over from our solar system.
21.Does neptune have rings?
22.how many hours does it take for a full rotation on Jupiter?
23.Earths sister planet.
26.Does uranus have rings?
28.how many satellites orbit our solar system? (rounded off)
30.the astoriod belt is between jupitar and..
32.Heats us.
33.The first name of the first person on the moon.

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